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Different Types of Memory Problems

We can all forget things at one time or another. It is normal to be forgetful from time to time. It is also normal to worry about your forgetfulness, however when does forgetfulness become abnormal? While only scientists and experts hold the answer to this question, they have provided us with a list of memory […]

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Symptoms of Different Types of Dementia

Contrary to what many people think, dementia is not a disease per se. It is an umbrella medical term used to describe several conditions and related symptoms associated with a decline in cognitive skills. Dementia symptoms are the result of medical conditions that are usually brought about by physical changes in the brain. The symptoms […]

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Common Signs and Symptoms of Dementia

One of the most common signs that is noticed first is the problem of remembering recent events and details. However, the signs of dementia can be subtle and in some cases it may not be obvious until the symptoms become more regular and problematic. Trouble Remembering Things Which Adversely Affect Daily Normal Routines It is […]

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