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Behaviors That Will Help Prevent Dementia

During a person’s younger years, their memory function may vary widely from their peers. This can be for a variety of reasons, both congenital and acquired. Setting aside any so-called or perceived ‘fixed’ limitations, most people have the capacity to improve their memory function the same way they would strengthen a physical muscle, that is, […]

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Keeping Your Brain Active Helps Prevent Dementia

Playing mind games, crossword puzzles and solving sudoku puzzles provides much more than entertainment. Engaging in these pursuits will not only make you smarter in the here and now, it will also help keep the signs and symptoms of dementia at bay as you get older. Brain-Boosting Habits for Better Brain Health This finding is […]

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Foods to Eat to Help Prevent Alzheimer’s

The National Institute of Aging said, the more knowledge you have on how to prevent the onset of AD, the less likely it will be for you to be diagnosed with the disease. It is now considered fact, and not simply speculation, that you can lower your odds of succumbing to Alzheimer’s disease by eating […]

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