Common Signs and Symptoms of Dementia

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One of the most common signs that is noticed first is the problem of remembering recent events and details. However, the signs of dementia can be subtle and in some cases it may not be obvious until the symptoms become more regular and problematic.

Trouble Remembering Things Which Adversely Affect Daily Normal Routines

It is completely normal for people to forget someone’s phone number. It is also normal to occasionally forget an appointment. But, for a person with dementia, these episodes of forgetfulness occur more often than what is considered normal. It can become so frequent that it can affect one’s daily activities.

Having Issues With Completing Tasks That Used To Be Familiar And Easy

For example, an individual may be used to doing all the preparations for dinner. She has don this for years to her family at home. But, once affected with dementia she may completely forget about doing the preparation, or the steps in cooking a familiar dish.

Getting Confused With Date, Time And Place

There are times when we find ourselves pausing for a few seconds just to recall a particular day or the directions to a specific place. However, for an individual with dementia this can become a frequent and sometimes distressing occurrence.

Sufferers are at a higher risk of getting lost because they can have trouble finding their way back. They may also often find themselves getting confused about where they are.

Forgetting Familiar Words

People with dementia can manifest difficulty with using the right words. They may use incorrect words in sentences since they have trouble remembering the right words to say. In turn, listeners can find them difficult to understand. Dementia patients can also find it difficult to follow a conversation at normal speech rate.

Trouble Relating Abstract Thought To Real Life

We all have our issues with numbers. Some people do not know how to calculate percentages. Others have problems understanding the concept of inflation rate or value added taxes. But, for a dementia patient, the simplest relationships between numbers can become incomprehensible.

Reduced Capability To Make Accurate Judgments

We all make judgments all throughout the course of our daily living. When we’re driving, we make judgments as to the accurate distance from one’s place to another. But, dementia will make this thing too difficult to do no matter how long she’s been driving in the past.

Misplacing Things Can Become A Daily Occurrence

Sometimes we are in such a rush that we forget the car keys, but this can be a daily experience for a person with dementia. Besides car keys, dementia patients may also forget where they put their wallet. They also tend to misplace things. So, don’t be surprised to see a wallet in your kitchen cupboard if you have a family member affected with dementia.

Changes In Attitude Or Behavior

Someone with dementia may exhibit extreme mood swings, from being sad to moody and then irritable. The next day they may become suspicious, and then withdrawn and confused. The behavioral changes of a dementia patient can be random and unpredictable. These changes in behavior occur without apparent reason or pattern.

Loses Interest In Activities That Used To Be Favorites

There may be times when anyone can lose interest in doing some activities and then the following week they will find themselves happily doing it again. However, dementia sufferers can lose interest, and seemingly forget the joy, in a previously enjoyed activity and may never find the heart to do the same thing again.

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